Sheltie Nation

Where Do We Draw the Line?

Flint, Arwin, Ditto and Melody demonstrate pinpoint precision straight to the ball!

Shelties running in line

 Spectacular Shelties, Paul!

He’s The Hero Sheltie Nation Deserves

Barkley saves us from this alien attack – our hero! ?

Sheltie puppy and toy

:) Tracey

Sheltie Having A Better Birthday Party Than You !

Although Cheyenne probably thinks that all is a matter of perspective.

Sheltie birthday hat

Give her cookies from us, Marla!

Happy Face

Do you think Daisy is a happy girl?

Sheltie smiling

I don’t know what gave it away, Donna? ;)

Just Out For A Leisurely Stroll

Sheltie walking along canalWow, what a beautiful place for you and Benji to walk, Niek!