Sheltie Nation

Have We Got News For You!

Well, actually Jordie has the news.


What a helpful little fellow, ambodavenz!

Livin’ the Life

It’s a dog’s life, and this cutie deserves it!


Ollie has such a soft expression, kerfuffle!

I’m Famous!

As if being posted on Sheltie Nation several times isn’t enough fame and fortune for Mr Chance, he has been featured in this months Grosse Pointer Magazine. It is an article dedicated to pet massage therapy.


Look at that smile.chance-magazine-2

He looks pretty happy, Gloria!

What a rough life!

Lucy and Elliot enjoy hog the comfy couch after a long walk.


No room for you, Donna!

What is this thing?

Put a tiara on a Prince?!


Oh my, Margie! Cookies for Scout…STAT!