Sheltie Nation

It’s a Package Deal

Deacon and his pillow are inseparable…it goes EVERYWHERE!

Sheltie on pillow

Of course it does, Jim and Bev!


Sheltie Forecaster

Looks like Mika is forecasting windy weather (from the east) today!

Sheltie in wind
Love that smile, Alexandre!

I’m The Man!

Handsome Simba got to play best man at a friend’s wedding.

Sheltie in tux

Congrats to your friends, Piyra!

WHO Wants Some Tummy Rubs?

I think Stormy does!

Sheltie on back

:) Mick


Uh, deep snow here mom! Time for me to come in!

Sheltie at door

Sage is just too cute for words, Holly!