Sheltie Nation

Oh, Grow Up

Ben: “So what if I play dress-up!?! The cat still plays in the sandbox!”

Sheltie in cowboy hat

He looks adorable, Elizabeth. ;)

Be ye warned…

Daisy be barking!

Sheltie barking

Or is she singing, Donna? :)

An Afternoon on the Farm

Max inspects the hay field on a windy day.

Sheltie in hay field

Looks like it met his approval, Mark? :)

Bring on the Kids!

Daphne is waiting for her kids in Reading Paws!

Sheltie at school

What a wonderful thing to do together, Mary!

The Perfect Sheltie Evening

Daisy and her ball. Not a care in the world!

Sheltie with ball at sunset

Such a lovely photo, Donna!