Sheltie Nation

Where There’s Smoke…

there’s a cute puppy!


Little Smoke is super cute, Rick!

Wanna Share?

Declan talking to his favorite niece, Ana.

He’s crazy about her. :)


We can see why, WCK. Adorable!!!

Toebeans With An Order Of Side-Eye

Opal’s very cute and she knows it!


Such an expressive face, Sylvie. :)

Someone Had A Rough Day

Sophie had an exceptionally hard day as she had to go to the groomer.

She gets all dressed up with her pretty ribbons and then just couldn’t stay awake to show them off.


I’m sure all will be forgiven with cookies, Christine! :)

What a Blowhard

It seems to be a soccer ball-related lecture, which could involve bogarting the soccer ball, or perhaps nearly shredding the soccer ball. Either way, Ollie’s getting a lecture loud enough to blow his ears back!


Fergus really is giving Ollie an Earful, kerfuffle!