Sheltie Nation

Oceans of Fun!

Benji enjoyed a trip to Southern California where he met his “aunt and uncle” Emily and Frankie! The 3 created quite a crowd at the Santa Monica Pier!


Looks like a windy but fun day, Lisha!

Hold Still For Your Portrait

Alllllllright…just one more second….hold stilllll…and……perfect!


Bokeh is so lovely and sweet, Vicky!

Sheltie Smush

Awe, Katie must be very comfy.


Sleepy squish face is always cute, Cathy. ;)

Eye On The Prize!

er…the cheese.


Cupcake is spellbound, Mel!

Pumpkin Chewy?

Oh little Sprite, I’m not so sure about that!


She is a cutie, Ann!