Sheltie Nation


Well, one in particular looks to be sillier than the other.Sheltie playing with GoldenJuno and Daisy look like great friends, Donna!

Party Hats for Everyone!

Celebrating the “girls” 2nd birthday! Girls Lyla and Pippa, plus Victor, Stoli, Zeppelin, Stickeen (non Sheltie) and Zep’s brother, Seamus. 3 of the dogs live in Alaska (Pippa, Stickeen and Seamus) and the other 4 of mine in Wisconsin and we all got together for the birthday celebration in Michigan. It is awesome the friendships that can be made because of dogs!

Sheltie birthday party
Sounds like fun, Becky and Clare!

Have You No Shame?

People think I’m kidding with my nicknames for her: Tessinator, Loch Tess Monster, Tessmanian Devil, etc. As you can see, however, when it comes to toy deconstruction, Tess plays second fiddle to no dog. A dollar ninety-seven at Wal-Mart down the drain. And does she look shamed? On the contrary; she’s damn proud.

Sheltie and destroyed toy

OH. MY. Ken

Lassie? That’s not me, that’s the one on TV

My Sheltie’s name is Ross and he is a Rescue. What I really mean is he rescued us. Like “Lassie Come Home”, it’s almost like “Ross Came Home”.  We adopted him in late July 2016 from Rocky Mountain Collie and Sheltie Rescue.

We adore him!

Sheltie with Lassie movie

You are both lucky, Beth!

Hugs for adopting!

Celebrate Good Times!

We drove to Oregon from Northern California over a week, stopping at so many beaches. The trip was to celebrate Gavin finishing his Radiation therapy and recovering his strength, It was about 2 months after his radiation sores healed. (You can see his little hairless left rear paw in the picture if you look hard.) His harness came in handy as he needed to be portaged over some of the Oregon beach driftwood at times. He had a blast playing in the water and sand, and is an amazing road tripper and hotel guest!

Sheltie on the beach

What a fun and memorable way celebrate, Cindy!