Sheltie Nation

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Grace:  “All these pretty new decorations mean only one thing.”

“Santa is coming!”

Sheltie with Christmas decorations

A cutie for sure, Gram!

Winter is Coming

Hugo and Helix say: “Bring it on!”

shelties in snow

Such a stunning photo, Ida!


Paws and Reflect

Fergus thought this was a dumb idea, as you can see by his face and smeared back ears. I told him there would be cookies in it for him, though, which cheered him up immensely!

Sheltie reflection in ornament

Cookies always save the day, Kerfuffle!

Photobomb In Progress!

Dash: “Look at me!”

dash-bombThere is always one, Danielle!

Photo by Dani Leigh Photography


It’s still summer somewhere in the world!

Elliot at the river, ready to go paddleboarding!

Sheltie on paddleboard

:) Donna