Sheltie Nation

Afternoon Nap

Bentley is looking mighty cosy.

Sheltie napping

Feeling suddenly sleepy now too, Kristen. ;)

My, What Big Teeth You Have!

Barkley looks far less menacing while upside down. ;)

Sheltie sleeping upside down

And his teef are so clean too, Tracey!

Shelties and Snowflakes!

ANNIEFRANNIE wants back in!

She was only outside for a few minutes for a quick pee…so you can see how fast the snow was coming down.

Snow covered Sheltie
LOL, Marti!

Happy First Day of Spring!

In honor of today, the first day of spring, here is some sunshine, flowers and a pretty Sheltie named Daisy!

Sheltie in sun

She is so lovely, Donna!

Your Closet = My Den

Max’s favorite day time sleeping place is now the back of the closet.

Sheltie in closet

Hugs for adopting and giving him such a great home, Donna. Wow, almost 16 years old!