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Beam me up Sheltie

Kira (a rescue Sheltie) looks like she is mortified, as she knows any self respecting “high class” Sheltie wouldn’t be caught out in this! :)
Kira_in_uniform_001resizeLive long & prosper Audrey and Richard B!

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  1. Our first Sheltie was Tasha (yes as in Yar) and our current Sheltie is Kira (yes as in Nerys). I’m glad I’m not the only Trekker out there that has a Sheltie in her fleet! :)

  2. Yep, that’s right. Her name is Kira Nerys.
    We have all rescue dogs and they are, Kira, Tasha, and Kes. We have a room in our house devoted to all our Trekkie memrobilia and our dogs will go to the next convention with us.
    I am a dog groomer and it was no problem to fashion a bejoran earring to complete Kira’s outfit.

  3. Awesome. I’m thinking Kira is dressing as the Kira from Deep Space Nine. That looks like a Bejoran earing.

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