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Santa, please bring me…

Here is a great gift giving suggestion for the Sheltie lover in your life.

Equally appropriate for a little self indulgent gift giving too!  :)
Diane also has other great non-holiday artwork, t-shirts, sweatshirts & tote bags.  This new design is really sweet!
Ourhouse_smallSheltie Nation members should recognize Diane’s work – just look at our logo Sheltie!

Sheltie Art by Diane Troese

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  1. Diane’s site was down for some time to redo it and add new items. It is back up now.

  2. I absolutely love the sheltie plaques, but the website is M.I.A. Where can I find more of Diane’s emprise sheltie products?

  3. thanks! I ordered the Nightshirt !!!
    I love the sleeping shelties counting sheep!

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