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Self exercising Sheltie…

We all could learn something from this Sheltie…exercise is good for you!

Turn it up – your dogs might bark right along with him!

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  1. I think Im going to have to try this…we have very long New England winters here! Thanks for sharing your tips Carla. :)

  2. Brat seems to take to anything – the treadmill was fun for him because he liked to bark at it anyway :)
    Some dogs like it, some just don’t want anything to do with it :)
    If you can find someone to hold your dog while you use it, and make like you are having a big time running, that can help.
    Since you already have your pup using it, you might want to try and just incrementally increasing the speed, all the while making it sound like the best thing ever!
    Some will never get the hang of it though..I guess for those we will have to jog with them in real life!
    For some it helped to stand over them and ask them to “get it” (the motor) and point at it a lot :)

  3. Good question Linda – maybe Sheltiebrat will share her secret? :) I would think most Shelties would get the hang of it rather quickly – especially with PB as a temptation. Maybe yours doesn’t like the noise the machine makes?

  4. How did you teach your sheltie to do that? I tried with mine, but he was too skittish. Only way he’d get on, walk at very slow speed was if I was holding a spoon with peanutbutter on the end … sort of defeats the purpose, though.

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