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Soft Bite Floppy Disc

If your Sheltie is a “frisbee-holic” the Soft Bite Floppy Disc is worth your consideration. 

It comes in three size diameters, small 6.5″, large 10″, and an extra large “big daddy” 12″ size and folds up nicely to fit into your pocket or travel bag.  The colors on these floppy discs are very vibrant – making it hard to lose it.  It is lightweight, easy to throw & it floats.  The rubber tube rim is easy on your dog’s teeth, making it a much better choice than those rigid plastic versions.

It holds up well to repeated “tug-o-war” games between our two Shelties, but found that the stitching does begin to unravel easily.  This wouldn’t be an issue if it were not for the type of thread used.  The thread really isn’t a thread; it’s more like a heavy fishing line.  It is strong, but when an end starts to unravel, it can poke a dog in the mouth.  On occasion, our Shelties have caught the disc & then promptly dropped it – licking their lips, clearly unhappy.  But our Shelties are quick to forgive & pick it up again unless it happens one two many times in a row. 

The Soft Bite Floppy Disc isn’t as durable as the Hover Craft, but is a good choice.  Just be vigilant about frayed stitching to avoid discomfort by your pup.

Trevor & Toby give the Soft Bite Floppy Disc 3 paws out of 4.

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  1. Hi Myrna,
    Thanks for your comment, but I’m not sure I follow you. The floppy disc isnt made by hover craft. The Hover craft frisbee is made by a company called Ruff Wear.
    You can purchase the floppy disc via Petsmart or by following this link:

  2. I was offered a $5.00 off if I gave you a friends name and then I would get $5.00 off if ordered by the 17th. I tried to order the floppy disc throught Hover Carft and they said they did not have that offer but maybe it could be followed up by you.

  3. We like ours too…especially since it comes in different sizes for those multi-sized Shelties!

  4. I love mine, its great.

  5. my toby loves the small one, it’s how I taught him to catch a frisbee with clicker training! He was clueless haha. I bought like 3 of them because he loved them so much.

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