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DuncanSheltie Nation member Tatha has been chronicling her journey in attempting to win the heart of a rescue Sheltie in her new blog.  Called “Winning Duncan Over”, here you will see a very personal view of the ups, downs & triumphs of rescuing a Sheltie.  Its a very heartwarming read & can provide some insight for those of you considering bringing a rescue into your life.

Check out Duncan’s progress here:

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  1. I too have a rescue sheltie, she’s a 2yr.old tri-color named Chloe.I also have a male sable,4yrs old(not a rescue) named Rascal. I’ve had Chloe since June 2006. She was with child and delivered 4 beautiful puppies. She and Rascal get along soooo good!! They play all day and have a great time.
    Cloe would have been shot if I had not rscued her, she was doing what shelties do,HERDING!!! horses.The male owner wasn’t happy about that so I took her rather than have her killed for being herself.
    I look forward to getting my Sheltie nation e-zine. Keep ’em coming
    Hope Duncan continues to improve, he is a pretty puppy

  2. I have 3 senior Shelties, 2 of whom are rescues, a CArdigan Welsh Corgi, and a 4-month old Sheltie puppy. Sounds like you live in north part of Kansas City! I live in Parkville and am always at English Landing. We should hook up at Eng Landing and walk Duncan and 4-month old Frosty together!

  3. Awww! he’s adorable, and I love the blog!
    I’m working on a deal to sell sheltie related merchandise, including my handpainted pins, and donate a portion (15% of the selling price) to Michigan Sheltie Rescue. You can read about it at my dog’s blog: if you are interested. Links are there to all my stores, although there is no pressure to bid or buy, I just thought, since this is a Sheltie board, you’d like to know.
    Ellen Leigh

  4. Kukos to all those who find a sheltie at rescue. My loving Rylie came to us five years ago after 2 prior “owners” did not want him. He is as good a dog as he can be! He is his own lovable self, just as we all are. For those interested check out for shetie rescue organizations near you.
    P.S. My first sheltie, my beloved Buddy, also came from rescue. More love and rewards than you will ever know.

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