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Sheltie Snow Diving…

Smulan is putting her Sheltie nose to work…our Shelties do this burrowing too…for what, I have no idea.  Maybe just for fun?


Thanks Marie!

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  1. Where the heck did I put that bone?

  2. My sheltie, Quincy, pounces too! Except he tries to catch lizards in bushes.

  3. Mine listen for mice, voles, chipmunks tunneling under the snow, then pounce nose first … similar to foxes & coyotes :)

  4. That is too funny! An ostrich! I haven’t seen that before. My sheltie loves to play in the snow and is very much addicted to eating (white) snow. But I’ve never seen him actually dig his head right in the snow, and we do have deep soft snow.

  5. Mine do that too when the snow is deep enough, not sure what the motivation is for that though. Great picture!

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