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Larry sent us this super photo of his dog Toto & shared with us his feelings about his “soul Sheltie”.

Sadly, Toto passed suddenly to von Willebrand Disease, common to Shelties, this past winter.

We should all give our fur kids a big hug & kiss today.

TotoThe best ones always leave us too soon Larry.

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  1. Aww Larry that’s so sad! I am sure he is in a better place! take care!
    Hannah (sheltie) and I

  2. Ya know what, Larry? Toto is waiting for you back home. SO YOU HAVEN’T LOST HIM, He is just home waiting for you. I Love him and the deep spirit in his eyes. You must have had a nice time while you could.

  3. Is that a tear in his eye…..
    Yes, the best always leave us too soon… but they leave us with the best memories and live in our heart forever.

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