Bowl2We find it amazing that the pet food recall continues to drag on.  More & more brands are affected while the news coverage is declining. Many companies are choosing to release new information on Friday nights, when they hope that most folks are not paying much attention. Please be sure to check your dog’s food labels & keep current on the ever expanding recall.  Your dog’s life might depend upon it!

 In breaking news from Itchmo, another manufacturer has found melamine in their food: Dry Dog Food, Nutra Nuggets, Not on the recall list test postitve for Melamine

Check out the website, The Pet Food List for the complete list of affected brands & links to the manufacturers sites.

3 Responses to “Pet food recall continues”

  1. Betsey Wetherbee

    Sammy’s Blood work on the 25th showed the liver enzyme #’s were up a bit, and the Kidney #’s were about the same. Sammy is booked Wed. for an ultrasound to rule out malignancy. Keep him in your prayers! I still think it was the Nutro, but packaging is long gone.

  2. Betsey Wetherbee

    My Sammy (rescue Sheltie) was on Nutro small nuggets, and Was acting ill a month ago, and his liver enzymes and liver numbers were very high. I stopped the dry food, and have been cooking for him (After a week of IV fluids and antibiotics at the Vet’s to the tune of almost $1100.) He is doing better, but not “out of the woods” yet. More blood work tomorrow. Betsey


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