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You have my Sheltie attention…

You can almost hear Dove’s little brain trying to process the English language. YourangThanks, wnisley!

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  1. How cute. I have a bi-black too. Aren’t they wonderful? Your sheltie looks so sweet

  2. Love Dove’s darling expression… something interesting has captured her attention… what could it be ..?? Such a CUTE dog!!!

  3. What a beautiful girl (?)!!
    I have never seen that kind of coloring on a Sheltie! So pretty!

  4. what a doll, can’t tell if its a bi black or a tri color, but oh so cute! I love seeing sheltie’s in the “non-lassie” colors!

  5. Bea and Byrdie are pretty smart too- they can even tell time, I swear! They know that it’s walk time every day at 3:30 all winter long, and I have a hard time convincing them to change to after dinner for the warm summer months.

  6. Hey, that brain’s not so little. The 2 bi-blacks at our house, Wallace & Rylie, speak English, Sheltie and a touch of “spanglish”, (not to mention cat sign language.) And if you still believe that the brain is little, think… BIG HEART!

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