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Sheltie ocean waiders

Asta & Ally look like they are having great fun at the beach.

Beach_dogs_2Cute one Arden!

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  1. Would you be interested in submitting this image for the Sheltie Calendar published for Mid-Florida SSC? I would need the full resolution image.

  2. I just love this picture! your shelties are so CUTE!!!

  3. My Dasher, Loves the sprinkler and the hose. I can’t wait until this summer, we are going to the shores of Lake Michigan. I hope he loves it. I know I do. His brother Yorkie (Rascal) and sister Chihuahua (Spanky)are going with momma & Daddy.

  4. My two loves the ocean also. It is the waves and the sea gulls. But I have to keep a long lead on them, I don’t dare to let them go free the way they chase those sea gulls LOL

  5. I am constantly amazed by all of the shelties that apparently love the ocean [i.e., getting wet]. My kids won’t set foot outside if it’s raining and the “princess” won’t walk on parts of sidewalk that are wet from sprinklers !!

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