TommyTommy came into our life in January 05. His elderly owner had to go into a nursing home, and the family brought him into the clinic I worked at to be PTS. Well, needless to say, I offered to take him in. He was about 13yrs old, over 50 lbs and had bad skin/hair issues, but with a little love, a lot of dieting, and some health care, he turned
into a healthy, happy boy.
In this picture, he was still recovering from surgery last spring, but was ready to play and continue his sock stealing ways! Unfortunately, he passed away last July, but he will always be in our hearts!
He was our first Sheltie, but not our last by a long shot. In his honor, we adopted our next senior Sheltie, Snowy, last summer. No one will ever replace Tommy, but he introduced us to the joys of Shelties!

I thought Trevor & Toby were the only Sheltie Sock Thieves out there!

Good for you Glade & Mike for welcoming Tommy into your lives.  There is a special place in heaven for folks who rescue & foster older Shelties.

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  1. Linda

    Sending hugs to you ~ thank you for opening your hearts & home to Tommy, and now Snowy. We get so many senior shelties in rescue because older owners become too ill to care for them. Amazing how playful, feisty and adaptable a senior can be ~ and the love they give more than makes up for the shorter time they are with us.


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