Sheltie Nation

Watch out…

Not only will a Sheltie steal your heart, they will steal your pillow!

Duncan has made himself quite at home, Tatha!

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  1. Duncan loves being on Sheltie Nation! His new “safe spot” is at the head of my bed with his head on my pillow. It’s the closest he will get to cuddling with me.

  2. that is adorable, when you find them on your pillow its hard to think that they stole it and that it wasn’t just meant to be that they have it. you think shelties are bad, try owning a chihuahua. :) gotta love em’

  3. Yes-Sir-Ree, my Dasher does that to me at night in bed. I will feel this hot body next to me ( not the husband ). It’s Dasher with his head on the other half of my pillow (O: I don’t mind, I love my Sheltie!

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