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A little Sheltie whine with that cheese…..

If you haven’t heard, Sheltie Nation has been nominated for the Blogger’s Choice Awards.  After a few shameless requests, only 31 of you have given Sheltie Nation your paw of approval.   Sadly, we are only on page 4 of the nominations.  :( We probably won’t beat cuteoverload, but we can at least put on a good Sheltie show.  Lets show those hugely popular blogs that Shelties really do rule.

Ok, I know it’s an inconvenience that you have to register to vote…but it does keep the voting honest.

Remember all you Sheltie lovers, this is your blog…vote for Sheltie Nation!

My site was nominated for Best Animal Blogger!

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  1. Once you’ve registered and gone back to get the confirmation e-mail, then logged back on, etc. etc., it’s not so bad
    Ya got my vote !!!

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