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The goal of Sheltie Nation has been to create a strong, vibrant community of Sheltie lovers. We hope to educate, inform as well as entertain visitors about the breed known as the Shetland Sheepdog.  We encourage you to submit your own photos, stories & leave comments. We also hope you will join our forums, where you can make friends and network with other like-minded dog lovers.

My name is Kelly and I am the founder of Sheltie Nation. You might be wondering how I got to this point, possibly as a guide to how to avoid a Sheltie addiction yourself. ;)

For me, it all started with a Shetland Sheepdog named Trevor. It is a ludicrous understatement to say that Trevor was a remarkable creature. He was intelligent, sensitive, loving, hilarious, and adorably fuzzy. He became my muse, my inspiration, my “soul dog”. As he was growing and learning I knew he was special, but it wasn’t until almost the end of our journey together that it sank in just what a uniquely special privilege it was to have known him.

Trevor entered my life the week of Thanksgiving 1998. I had been anticipating and planning for his arrival for over a year. Having recently moved away from home for the first time, I was pretty lonely. I grew up always having a Sheltie in the house, so my own home was just too quiet. I found a reputable breeder and tried not to bug her often, but when I finally got the call, I started counting down the days. I had been very specific on the doggie personality I was seeking and I knew there was a real possibility that it might not work out. I reminded myself that therapy dog personalities don’t come along every day. My wait could go on a long time.

It wasn’t long before I knew Trevor had the right stuff. Because of his extreme intelligence, desire to please and a fast learning mind, Trevor amazed me by obtaining his therapy dog certification at the earliest age allowed – 2 years old.  We then immediately began visiting patients on a rehabilitation floor at our local hospital here in New Hampshire. I could tell you many heartwarming stories about our visits. But in a nutshell, Trevor brightened the days of thousands of people.  From doctors, nurses, other hospital staff, patients and visitors, not one would pass him by without at least a smile. Many would ask questions and wanted to pet him.  He knew his way around the hospital and what he was there to do. It was interesting to watch him interact with people. His extremely intuitive nature always seemed to lead him to those people who were afraid of dogs. In the end, they always warmed up to him and could not resist petting his glorious coat. He was a wonderful ambassador for the breed.

I had to eventually retire Trevor from therapy work. It made me sad, but I still felt compelled to try and share his amazing personality with people. He could continue to make a difference not just in my life, but others as well.

I knew Trevor for 11 years, 6 months, the last two years of which followed the horrible diagnosis of liver disease as a result of Cushings disease. On May 2, 2010 we had to help Trevor cross the rainbow bridge. It was the worst day of my life. I was completely devastated and did not know what to do. It always feels like we never get enough time with those we love but with Trevor, I felt especially cheated. How could such an amazing animal get the short straw?

Sheltie Nation had been created directly because of Trevor’s influence in my life. I’ve found it hard to carry on without him. I had began to doubt the future of Sheltie Nation and my ability to continue. But while I was in the depths of my grief, I had been flooded with reminders and well wishes. Many people missed the daily posts that made them smile. They also told me how Sheltie Nation had touched their lives or how the forum helped them better care for their dogs. That was when I realized that the website had become what I had hoped. It had evolved into a real community of Sheltie lovers who cared about improving the lives of their dogs through education and networking.  So many people understood my deep and profound grief.

I wish you all could have known Trevor, but at least this spot on the web was meant to be extension Trevor’s sunny personality; carrying on making people feel happy.  I hope after spending some time here, you will also smile and discover the magic of Shelties.

Thank you Trevor. I love you.

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  1. I just found your web site and am so glad. I have been so sad for the last week as I had to take my Shelite, Abby, to the vet and let her go on to heaven. I am heart-broken. She was my fur-child, my companion and shadow. She became suddely ill just after the holidays and within one month we discovered that she had large cell lymphoids in her lungs. I was blessed having her in my life for ten years. Every one who met her fell in love with her. She was happy to play or just hang out. She loved to go for car rides to look for “moo-moo’s” and if she was a really good girl get a few Chicken McNuggies…her favorate treat. I miss her bright eyes and smiling face, her kissses and her snuggles. I know that in time the hurt will lessen and I am looking forward to the day when I find another special Sheltie Girl for me. Thank you for letting me tell some of my story and share in yours. Shelties are a very special creature.

  2. Oh, my heart. I’m feeling this pain and emptiness right now. Your Trevor was beautiful, and so special. I relate to you when you called him your soul=dog. I feel the same about my Jackson, who passed away this week.

    Already your website has become therapy for me. Thank you for carrying on. I never thought losing him could cause this level of heart pain. It feels like tangible, fuzzy comfort to my broken heart to be here tonight.


    Jman’s Momma.

  3. Just found your website. We have two sheltie brothers, Bud and Snoopy, who are 18 months old. They are so different in size and temperment even though they are from the same litter. I am so glad we have both of them. About 8 years ago we rescued a sheltie, who was walking down the middle of a street in 95 degree weather with hundreds of fleas on him, and he gave us four happy years. We knew our next dog would be a sheltie and now we have two because I just couldn’t leave one behind.

  4. We got our 1st sheltie 3 years ago and our 2nd one a year later. Best thing we ever did….they are such a big part of our life and although they have totally different personalities – Wilson is docile, polite and loves to play and Tyson is cute and cheeky and a permanent puppy – we love them so much! I am very sad to hear of Trevors’ passing but I beg you to keep sheltie nation going. I live in Australia and jump on sheltie nation every now and again to cheer me up. seeing new posts and pictures makes my day! take care xoxo

  5. My main man Sheltie is Zhivago. He is 8 yrs old and the love of my life.He has helped me overcome a stroke,heart surgery and arthritis. We walk every day and he is with me all the time.He loves children and cats! is favorite treat is baby carrots dipped in ranch dressing! I have not been getting my E- mail pictures from Sheltie Nation, Miss them. You do a Great job.Thanks to you from ALL Shelties.

  6. Soul Dog It is the perfect term to describe Trevor and my beloved Barkley. I too lost Barkley two years ago to the day that Trevor passed. To say I lost part of my soul with her passing is so true. I recently got another sheltie Lucy. But I think we are only given one Soul Dog. I tried with Lucy but she just seems like a dog. She is 5 months old now, cute as can be. Everyone told me your last dog is always your favorite but I think you know what I mean when I say no Barkley will always be my favorite. Thinking of you. Cannot wait for your new daily emails. But take your time. You need it.
    Cathy Hershey

  7. Two months to the day I adopted a sheltie mix, from the ASPCA who I have named Beau. I believe he has some collie in him. He is precious.
    Beau was abused and neglected by his previous owners. From Day one he was scared of everything and everyone. He walked with his tail between his legs. I would take him outside and have to tell him every time that we passed someone on the street that, “Momma won’t let anyone hurt him anymore.”
    Well exactly a month later and some very friendly dogs, especially Roscoe the german shepard, who taught him how to play, Beau has done a complete 180.
    He now goes up to everyone and jumps up and down when he sees his dog friends. He still on occasion will get scared of single men(I think that’s who abuse him) but as long as they have a dog he is fine.
    He is precious and makes me laugh, and people can’t believe how friendly and sweet he is. Two people were looking at him in shelter and decided not to take him because they couldn’t see past his shyness. I think to myself, Boy they did not know what they were missing and I’m glad they did because quite honestly, I have the best dog ever

  8. So happy to have found this site! I am a Sheltie lover for years-I wouldn’t have anything else. My first was “Blue” a beautiful sable & white girl that I had almost til her 15th birthday-God bless her. My 2nd and current Sheltie is Laura, a beautiful dark sable from an old show breeder in Ohio. Laura is so sweet, smart, and also, feisty, when she feels the need! Laura turns 8 this month & I just adore her. Thanks for all of the sheltie stories-I enjoy all of them!

  9. Hello all. Ever heard of a sheltie named “little bits”, cause that’s whats on her collar, although “diddles” is a name she responds more too. I lost my first sheltie due to my fathers divorce, but my dad adopted a sheltie pup right after i broke my collar bone snowboarding. For a month she was my only friend and now can barely stay away from me, Shelties are awesome for their love and attention they give, no other dog compares, she helped me recover physically and mentally!

  10. I have been visiting this site for a while now, and I finally decided to write something. I had a Sheltie growing up. Her name was Maggie Mae, and she passed away at the tender age of 7. She lives forever in my heart. My sister and I got Maggie for Christmas after years of begging our parents to let us have a pet. We always knew we wanted a dog, we wanted it to be a Sheltie, and we wanted it to be a girl. (One of the few things we actually agreed on =])
    I’ve always wanted another Sheltie (or two or three), but I’m in college and living in a little apartment, so I can’t get one just yet. I love coming to your site and looking at all the adorable photos and reading all of the heartwarming stories! Shelties are the best!!! If I can get my scanner to work, I hope to upload some pics of Maggie, my Sheltie angel.

  11. My 9-year-old Sheltie Bailey is a therapy dog, too, but I am thinking about retiring him. We are doing a presentation, and I wanted to have lots of ammunition against all the ‘look, it’s a miniature collie’ or ‘look at the little Lassie’ comments. Thanks for your wonderful comments to add to my arsenal! I usually start off telling groups what Bailey isn’t, and then discuss his Sheltie-ness. There’s nothing like it, or the look in those beautiful Sheltie eyes! Thanks for getting the word out!

  12. This story just warms my heart and soul. I have retired from a major automotive company and now work 3 days a week out of my home for a marketing company. What I love best about it is the time I get to spend every day with my 3 shelties! My sister,who is a teacher, drops her little sheltie here for puppy day care. Would love to have one or two of my pack to become therapy dogs. Once I retire it would be great to brighten the lives of others with shelties!

  13. I just found this website and love reading all the messges.
    I completed an application to rescue a sheltie today and I hope to learn more about the breed when I am contacted.
    I have to repair the fence in my yard before I bring a dog home because I know that I will have days that I am not going to be walking the dog (ice or snow)
    If I get a sheltie I will be on this site all the time.
    I have enjoyed raising all breeds with my children as they grew up to adulthood and now I hope to find a sheltie that will be my best friend.

  14. I found this site by accident about two years ago and am hopelessly addicted to it! Thank you for creating and maintaining this awesome website! Now that I am attending graduate school in NYC and far away from my adorable sheltie (who is across country with my parents) logging on to this site helps keep my Travis-sickness at bay…well that and skyping with my parents. =)

  15. I just discovered this website after having my sheltie for about 5 months. I have grown up with big dogs all my life and when I went away to college I knew something was missing. My sophomore year I rescued a cat from Pet Smart and she is amazing, but I still felt something was missing. Finally I decided that I was in a good point in my life and started looking. I decided that a Sheltie would be a perfect companion for me! I looked for about 1 month before I found one. One day at work I was looking in the newspaper. For some reason, that rainy day I drove an hour to go pick him up. I will never regret it! He was the runt, covered in fleas, sitting next to the owner chain smoking on the couch. I couldn’t leave there without him, I felt so sorry for him. I took his little 2 lb. fuzziness home with me, gave him a much needed gentle bath and fell completely in love. The breeder ended up ripping me off, never sending his papers, and never returning phonecals. However, I am so lucky to have him and don’t regret anything! He is the best dog I have ever had. Now 7 months old he goes everywhere and loves everything. I will be uploading pictures of his adventures.(he has MANY). His full name is Jackson Daniels!

  16. Hello all, I am new to the world of Sheltie. To be honest I never knew they even existed. I happen to walk into a pet store and see the puppy in one of the cages. I fell in love that instant, and took to convincing my wife to take him home. She said no about six times. So I gave him to her and told her to put him back. She started to cry, and the rest is history. He is the BEST and smartest dog I have ever owned. (I would have rather rescued a dog, but we were not planning on getting a puppy and fell in love with “Bo” the minute I saw him.) I have read more books in the last month then I have in my entire life. I want to raise him properly. ANY HELP and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone.. Love this site!!

  17. Hi I’m Bandit a 10 yr old female Sheltie I enjoy all your tweets and a chance to see my family on the web

  18. WoW! What a wonderful website. I found it by accident and am so glad I did. I have a 3-1/2 year old tri-male named Sammie and he is just the best. I was his mother’s retirement home, but sadly she passed away last November. She was an AKC champion and the sweetest dog I have ever known. I miss her so much. Am in the process of looking for a companion for Sammie as he misses his mother very much. There is just nothing like a sheltie, and it’s impossible to have just one! Thanks for a wonderful place to share with other sheltie lovers.

  19. I just stumbled upon your site and can’t stop smiling at the beautiful shelties. We lost our sweet sheltie, Winkie at Christmas and I haven’t been able to see a sheltie without tears coming to my eyes. I have bookmarked this site and will return often. Thank you!

  20. Kelly and all,
    Congratulations on a wonderful site.
    As the newest member of my human family (since Saturday, March 21, 2009), I already know that this is my forever home and that Al and Jessan will be learning a lot more about me and continue to learn even more about Shelties.
    After their SweetGirl, Sassy, crossed the Rainbow Bridge (at 17 years)August 6, 2008, there was a time of grief and loss.
    I’m here to make a new place in their heart’s.
    Gus :-p~

  21. thank you for having this site. my dad has honestly not smiled so much and had been asking since tuffy passed away if his photos had been posted. we all love our shelties and it wasn’t just about public recognition or anything…still, it was so nice to be surrounded by people who love their dogs.
    thank you again for maintaining this site, it can’t be easy work!!!

  22. I love your site and look at it everyday! My 3 shelties are the loves of my life now that my kids are grown. I can’t wait to see them on it.

  23. this site makes me smile first thing every morning.i cant tell you how i lookk forward to it. i have 2 shelties right now from rescue and have had a total of 5. i will always have one in my life. please keep this site going…

  24. I was just browsing to find new Sheltie stuff and happened upon Sheltie nation. It is terrific!
    I currently own a 10 year old male Sheltie who is a “social butterfly”. Joey loves people. We visit a local nursing home once a week. I certainly will be visiting your site again.

  25. Love the site!

  26. Love your website. My sheltie, Lucy, is 19 mos. and since she is my first, there is a lot I don’t know about Sheltie’s and their behavior. This site will be a wonderful source of information. I will post some pictures, too.
    Laurette Nix Roswell, Georgia



  29. I’m so glad to find this site! I have always loved shelties since I was a kid but never had one until I got married. They are sooooooo cute, adorable, with their innocent looking eyes and ears flopped forward that just makes my heart melt! I had my first sheltie puppy, Beaujolais in 1994 just prior to the birth of our 1st child (he came 8 weeks later). Beau is now a Sheltie Angel RIP 10.27.07. We added another sheltie in 2003 when the kids -ages 6 & 8 at the time wanted another dog to take care of and to play with since Beau had become a Senior Dog. Cinnamon is such a playful puppy who thinks she’s a human being! Cinnie LOVES to greet the kids at the door and begs for them to go out to play and jump on the trampoline when they get home from school. Since Beau’s passing, she is now in charge. I’d love to get another Sheltie, but totally think it be unfair to the puppy if we are so busy with work, school (7th & 8th graders) to provide gazillions of TLC’s.

  30. This site is so cute! My first dog was a sheltie. It’s actually quite an interesting story of how we obtained him. My mom was never big on owning a dog but when my dad and I secretly arranged a meeting with a little pup named Shadow, she was smitten. Shadow has been with us for about 5 years. He’s is my little teddy bear and I love him so much. He’s put up with everything including cats, hamsters, and multiple service dogs in training coming in and out of the house. He’s having some seizures as he advances into his senior years. I hope it’s not too serious, I don’t think my heart could take him being gone!!

  31. Just found your site and love it. The photos alone would be enough to make any Sheltie lover swoon. I have a 2-1/2 year-old Sheltie we named Toby (he finally whispered his name in my ear after a week of our vainly searching for just the right name for our new puppy — thank goodness HE knew what it was!), and I am considering training him — and myself — in K9 search and rescue. Has anyone ever known or heard of a successful SAR Sheltie? I know that physically he would be perfect for the work, with his longer-than-standard legs and Sheltie quickness, but I’m wondering if his reserved Sheltie personality would be a serious drawback in this type of work. Toby is not the shyest dog on the block, loves our rowdy young boys and is well socialized to handle almost any situation very politely. However, he doesn’t approach strangers with a wiggly wag and doggy kisses. I’m a bit concerned that he might not want to find someone he doesn’t already know. Any words of encouragement or otherwise on this from the forum? I’d love to train him, but want to be confident he will do the job when needed.

    • To answer my own post, three years later Toby and I are working as a Pet Partner therapy dog team, soon to be registered with Delta Society. We visit nursing and rehab centers, adult daycare, library story hour and our senior center. We will soon begin reading programs in two local libraries, and working with our VA hospital’s therapy dog program. I’ve also registered two therapy cats, and am raising a new Sheltie puppy, Trooper, to be a therapy dog. Therapy is a much better fit for us, and I’m glad I was encouraged to follow that path by a professional trainer.

  32. My first sheltie was a rescue sheltie. She had come from a puppy mill and at some point a vet had written on her papers that she was blind. It was a mistake and she wasn’t blind at all! She was a wonderful dog, and I’ve been a lover of the breed ever since. Unfortunately, she died at the age of 5 yrs. of lymphoma cancer. We knew we couldn’t come home to house without a sheltie in it so we got Brody and then Isabel. I LOVE shelties! They are the best.

  33. Hi Kelly, I’m glad I came across your site. I’ve been born and raised in NH so I’m glad to hear you live here also. Currently we have one male Sheltie (Rocky). He’s 7 years old and very protective of us. Loves to play around with our cat. My husband and I had 3 shelties at one time but then we started having children and the dogs died of old age. As the kids got older there was no question that we were going to get another sheltie. And now we are possibly thinking of getting a rescue sheltie. But we’re still trying to warm dad up to the idea. Thanks for this site, it’s very imformative.

  34. It is a delightful surprise to stumble upon
    your website. Just having a quiet Saturday night with two shelties at my side. Lady and Buddy are my loving
    companions…Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I have a very nice husband too ;-)…We live inthe southwest corner of Michigan. I will post a photo of our family on New Year’s Day, 2008. We
    had a wonderful snowstorm, and the pups were thrilled. I will now be a regular reader…thank you for your
    devotion to the Shelties we love. Kris

  35. I just randomly came across this website too today and your story really hooked me! I have 2 shelties and fell in LOVE with the breed. Both are very different yet still have that sheltie sweetness. They are the love of my love. Thanks for sharing your passion!

  36. I too stumbled across this web site and love it. We just got our 1st Sheltie in November 2007. While some friends of ours have 1 and I love him dearly we just had to have our own. Sundance hasn’t met Butch(our friends sheltie)yet but we may have a Cassidy before that happens….you can’t have just one can you? I’ve sent this link to several people now and they love it too. Thanks keep up the good work.

  37. What a joy your website is. Please dont stop…. It is the best. I have owned 6 shelties , and all but one were rescues. I will continue to do so as long as i live. They are not for everyone but they are for me and as i see lots of others. We all have a lot in common.


  39. You are such a good writer. I have had two Shelties. My frist was very protective of me(Laddie). I still miss him so much. However I now have Dasher, loves everyone and all dogs and puppys. The family and pets are going to move to Lake Havasau City, Az. from Jackson, Mi. A big change ahead for all of us
    I am looking at a job as the Vet assistant that I am in that area. Hopefully the three dogs and cat and hamster will enjoy it there as I think we will. No more SNOW and ice! Yuck.

  40. Thanks for sharing your story, I have passed it on to some of my friends who think I am crazy about my love of shelties. My first sheltie, Bailey, came to us as an 8 week old puppy 17 years ago and we have had at least one since. We are in the process of adopting a 2 year old male right now to be a little brother to Misty, our 7 year old “baby”
    Thanks again for the story and helping to explain that special feling a sheltie can bring!

  41. I also stumbled across this site and am very glad that I did. I have 3 shelties (Emily, Max & Rusty.) Max and Rusty are rescues. Each one of them has his or her own personality. I love getting the emails of everyone’s shelties. No matter how down I am, they always bring a smile to my face. Keep up the great work!

  42. HI! I love this site! I stumbled upon it by complete accident but Im so glad I did! I have a 1 yr old sheltie named Rosco and am looking for another to add to the mix. My co-worker, and fellow sheltie owner told me a year ago that I couldn’t just have one…..and well, he was right!

  43. hey,
    I love your website we have a sheltie ,and I learned lots about them like a mini collie that is cool. We love our Choco.

  44. I just love your sight!! We have a 4 mth sable male sheltie. After a 6 mth search for a breader we liked we found our puppy!! We finally picked him up on Sept 23.. He has been house broken for over a month and is so happy, loving, and listens so well!! Every day when I come home from work he is waiting for me at the front door!! Jumping all over me and just wanting his hugs and kisses ( and his walk around the block)!! He is so good with all the kids in our neighborhood ( as long as he knows them..if he does not know them he runs and hides…he is very shy) I knew this about the bread before we got him…
    he is getting better…
    He is just the best!! We love our Casey

  45. Hi Michele,
    Welcome to Sheltie Nation! All you have to do to submit your photos is to email them to us at Be sure the photo is clear & of about 100-150k in size…and of course, cute or funny! We look forward to seeing your Shelties!

  46. This is my first time on your wed site and its awesome. I am proudly owned by 3 of the best shelties in the world. how do I post their picture on your site?

  47. I live in England. I had my first Sheltie when I was 25 years old, and adored her.
    now I am 71 and hesitated to have another, though I have had 3 others meanwhile. A breeder encouraged me not to consider my age, and I am so glad that I went ahead. My Bridie is 6 months old now, she is not perfect for showing having an under shot mouth, to me she is perfect, and so lively . so pleased I found this “site”??? whilst surfing…

  48. How great is this site?! I am so delighted to have found it. I had a sheltie as a kid and just adopted one two months ago. I am so in love with him! He is the cutest thing! Thanks for sharing the info. I love to learn more about my little guy so I can spoil him even more!!!

  49. Just found your web site. I have two Shelties – a three year old and a eleven
    year old, and I’m thinking about getting a third one.

  50. Awesome website!!! Since I was a kid, I’ve loved dogs, (I’ve even written some dog stories in my new book, “A Tree Grows in Trout Creek” about the dogs we had while growing up.) But I first “discovered” shelties about twenty-five years ago. Who were these little dogs who looked a lot like collies, I wondered? They are the funniest, most-loving, smartest barkers you’ve ever met. We have rescued two of our three shelties, the 3rd came with “papers” before we knew about rescuing. Ginger, Carrie and Bonnie are the my three angels! They are ages nine, ten and eleven now, but still lively as young puppies! Eventually, I have no doubt at all that we will rescue other wonderful shelties!

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