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More Sheltie Zoomies

Megan & Montana do it NASCAR style – banking off the couches!  LOL :)  Turn it up & watch your Shelties watch the action!

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  1. Zoomies, huh? We call it a “crazy run”. Our sheltie, Dingo, does it out in the yard when the weather is cool. He also does it indoors, in front of the cat. He seems to be saying “Look at me run! Don’t you want to run too?” The cat says no. Every. Time.
    BTW, we love Sheltie Nation. Our 10 yo son comes here almost every day to see what’s new.

  2. Looks familiar!! I too have 2 shelties and they do this every day several times a day. Aren’t they just a barrel of laughs?
    Can’t help laughing yourself silly,huh?

  3. This is so funny. Lucky for these shelties that their parents aren’t too fussy about the furniture. I don’t think these couches will have a normal lifespan.

  4. hahahaha this is great!!!

  5. LOL boy I am getting some hits, Thanks Kelly!!

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