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My toy is almost as big as I am!

Sonny_001Sonny has a bit of growing to do! :)

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  1. OMG too cute !!
    I just want to squeeze him !!
    what a sweet little guy!!

  2. You are such a cute little bundle of joy. won’t be long before you get bigger than the toy. BOL

  3. Ok gonna show this to my friend—this will force her into the puppy mode–how cute!!!

  4. how precious makes you want a puppy sheryl

  5. Ok, this is kind of funny. My cat Gracie has that little froggie toy too. It’s filled with catnip! Does this adorable puppy have a kitty sibling like my Shelties do?

  6. oh my gosh ~ the “cute-o-meter” has just tipped over !!! gives me puppy fever too :)

  7. OH my gosh what a cutie…sure gives one puppy fever!!!

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