Sheltie Nation

Sheltie Nation turns a year old!

Wow, check it out…Sheltie Nation has been “live” on the net for one year now.

Thanks to all of you for making Sheltie Nation what it was intended to be…lots of Sheltie fun!

PuppupbdayThanks to puppup for the great b-day shot of Molly!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Sheltie Nation. I love this web site. I check it every day just to see the beautiful shelties. Keep up the good work.

  2. I usually check everyday too. I really like the pictures. My favorite is Toby wearing the red plaid coat.
    Congratulations on your one year birthday and I hope there are many more.

  3. I love Sheltie Nation – I check it every morning with my first cup of coffee. Much more pleasant than reading the newspaper. I didn’t realize it was only 1 year old – congrats! and thank you.

  4. Kelly
    I read your post. I always am interested how boards like this is started.

  5. Hi Jeanne,
    Funny you should ask…I just posted a new section called “What or Who is Sheltie Nation” Here is the link…It is located in the upper right hand corner of the site. Thanks for asking!

  6. A great big Happy Birthday Sheltie Nation!!!!!
    Anyway of telling us how you started??? PLEASE

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