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Like mother, like daughter?

Maggie takes after her Mom and enjoys her first experience ordering out of a catalog.




5_of_5_maggie_and_catalogYou have your hands full with all those women Andy.  ;)

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  1. Now we need to see Maggie waiting for the UPS van!

  2. I got a very nice response back from L.L. Bean:
    Thank you for contacting L.L.Bean about the picture of your Sheltie ordering
    from our catalog.
    I brought up the picture on the link you gave us. That is a great of your
    adorable dog. My fellow representatives that work in my area loved it. I will
    take a copy of it and post it for everyone to see.
    Again, thank you for making us aware of the picture.
    L.L.Bean Customer Service

  3. To Kristy: I just shared it with LL Bean; my wife also suggested the same thing. We’ll see what happens.

  4. What a sweet set of pictures….so adorable! This is priceless…you should share it with LL Bean, Andy!

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