Sheltie Nation

Who said Shelties aren’t smart?

Steve is showing Everett how to use the computer & how to find the latest on Sheltie Nation.  ;)


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  1. Everett actually wants, with all his heart, the ice cubes.

  2. Luna stares at our laptop screen whenever we pull up her dad’s website. It’s the cutest thing hah

  3. Didn’t I see another post with shelties at tax time ~ doing TurboTax, covering the help line, pencil behind the ears? Everett could be the next sheltie making money on e-commerce !!! Way to go :)

  4. lol my little guy gets in my lap all the time i think he is looking for a puppy love site my self as he sits and stares at the screen when i put up puppy pics, lol

  5. Or perhaps he is trying to herd that mouse!?

  6. Ha, it looks like not only wanting to learn the computer but some kind of food there too. (O:

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