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Common Sheltie Trait?

I don’t know about you, but several of my Shelties like to sleep behind curtains.  Anyone else?LacicurtainThanks, Shelly!

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  1. My baby is doing it right now!!

  2. My Arden used to, the lacier the curtain the better… too bad we have blinds now.

  3. My childhood sheltie, whelped 1974, did that all the time. It was kind of handy because you could figure out where he was without disturbing a sleeping dog — just look for the curtains hanging oddly!

  4. Both my collie and my sheltie do that! Sooo adorable.

  5. lol how cute. My two likes the open spaces

  6. My shelties like to sleep under the dust ruffle on the bed!

  7. how funny. I don’t have a sheltie – but that is a funny trait!

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