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No cats allowed!

Laddie simply does not like Jamie the cat in his area… here’s a clip of 4 mo. old Laddie with his own solutions to various cat problems:
1. If I remove my bed, then Jamie can’t sleep in it.
2. If I tear up my bed, Jamie will never again sleep in it.
3. If I give Jamie the cat “what for”, he’ll leave my area forever.
4. If I remove my two rugs, then Jamie can’t sleep on those either.

Funny what goes through a Sheltie’s mind!

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  1. I love that video LOL
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is exactly what Scout likes to do with his bed. Usually at night when we are trying to watch tv, he drags his bed from one room to the other and then picks it up in his mouth and shakes it.

  3. Just like my house! LOL!

  4. This is so darn cute. I like how your other Sheltie popped in to watch for a minute. Then as if to say, “Oh just puppy stuff, silly youngster”.All too cute! Loved this, good job!

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