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Now it is just right…

This is Bunny, a 11-1/2 month, very tiny (7-1/2 pounds) Sheltie.
She is so small, her mom had to take a bunch of stuffing out of this bed so she wouldn’t roll off!
BunnyVery sweet face Diane!

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  1. Awwwwwww!!! she is adorable.

  2. Aww she looks just like my sheltie except with flopped ears! Mine gives me the ‘look’ too =)

  3. awwww soo sweet!
    How do I post a pic of my 2 shelties on this site?? Thanx

  4. OMG shes smaller than my Lady,shes 6 mo. and 8 lbs how tall is thie tiny Sheltie?

  5. wow!
    my 7 month old is already 13 lbs!
    i too would love to see another picture of Bunny!

  6. I just kissed the screen LOL

  7. What a sweetie! I would love to see another picture of this little munchkin…she is a miniature of my Lady girl…a wonderful pet!

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