DecalfinalShow your Sheltie Nation pride! Perfect for your car, truck, boat, RV, dog crate, etc…just don’t put it on your Sheltie please.  ;)  They make great gifts for the Sheltie lover in your life (& the holidays are fast approaching)!

So what do you get for your $$$?
Well, you get the ultra cool Sheltie Nation decal.  But more importantly, your purchase is a pledge that keeps Sheltie Nation running and will help us to expand the site in some pretty cool ways.

These decals are printed on high quality, all-weather vinyl with UV resistant inks and laminated for extra protection to provide years of beautiful, bold Sheltie color.  They are 4.5 inches round on a 5 inch square backing.  They are just $5.00 each plus shipping. 

Send us a photo of your Sheltie posing next to your decal & we will be sure to post it!

Click here to order the decal:

Shirt“But what is that you say, you want more Sheltie Nation gear?” OK then, visit our new Cafepress  store for other Sheltie Nation goodies!

 Support This Site

Of course we owe a big thanks to our Sheltie Nation mascot artist, Diane Troese for the great logo Sheltie.  Please visit her website, Emprise Shelties, if you would like to see (& purchase) more great Sheltie art.  She has great t-shirts, tote bags & some new hand painted boxes.

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