6 Responses to “Crazy dog people…”

  1. Ron

    My mom used to tell me about carrying a pet fox on her shoulders like this when she was a little girl.
    Unlike this dog, however, the fox would snarl if anyone got too close.

  2. Andi

    Wow. That is a pretty neat trick. I wish my “little” girl were that co-operative. Too bad wearing your dog is no longer in fashion. lol jk

  3. Spak

    My mom did that with my little sheltie once.
    She wasn’t nearly as patient about it… she stayed still for about two seconds, then forget it.

  4. Mary

    That is genius! I’ve always wanted to just slip my sheltie into my purse and bring him along everywhere. But being 40lbs, that’s a little hefty.
    That woman and dog is an amazing pair to have kept that up so that they could be together.


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