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More pink Sheltie puppies…

Little Shelbie is cute enough, but add that little bow & pink collar – and her cuteness is now over the top!  She even has the head tilt down pat!

Shelbie3So sweet Amanda!

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  1. thats your dog she is so cute

  2. amanda looks so cute with the bow on her ear me and my nana think she looks fly

  3. she takes my breath away omg she is so cute i wish she was my sheltie…but i have six

  4. yeah the do look like doll babies.

  5. my nana has six shelties thats alot to deal with. sometimes they can be nice sometimes they fight but we love them so much. how many shelties do you have? we just love dogs so much sometimes in the summer i take them on walks.

  6. AWWW!!! Very CUTE… i recently had to put one of my sheltis down :( He’s my little angel now… But i do have 2 at home, Mocha and Rocco!! Cute…

  7. OMG! Adorable!!!!!

  8. omg these pups are sooooo cute i have my own little kipper(hes a sheltie) and i cant tell you that your little sheltie makes my heart glow!

  9. This is a gorgeous Sheltie you have she is already a heartbreaker.

  10. oh gosh your killing me here…
    Doesn’t she look like a little girl LOL

  11. Great picture with the collar and bow. Shelbie is adorable.

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