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You can get anything at Home Depot…

Hummmm…got to get me one of those!Emily, in what isle can we find the Shelties?  ;)

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  1. I SO DID THIS WHEN MINE WAS A PUPPY! haha. no one knew he was in there until I went to check out. I think I scared the lady!

  2. wow that is great u can take your sheltie to Home depot!!! Got to try it.

  3. Oh good, another excuse to go to Home Depot! My wife will be thrilled…

  4. We have an older sheltie who has developed an eye condition called “cherry eye”. Does anyone know about this condition in older dogs?

  5. Snickers your Nani is soo excited that you are a celebrity. Cooper is jealous.
    Love, Nani

  6. wow! are dogs really allowed in home depot! That’s wonderful!

  7. That is so funny! I always take Coda with me to Home Depot! But they recently changed their carts and they’re not as comfy for her.

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