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Sheltie Snowbear

Casey demonstrates the thermal properties of Sheltie fur.  He is so well insulated the snow doesn’t melt!

CaseyThanks Steve, Casey is one of the cutest Sheltie Angels in heaven.  :)

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  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I love shelties! I have a small one too! her name is bella. She LOVES to bark, but don’t all shelties?

  2. Great photo! They love the snow. Our ‘Peanut’ was the runt of the litter
    making her all the more loveable. She’s a fast learner and at 16 months
    she responds to over 60 commands. And is she energized! Loves tug-of-war, fetching her squeaky toys and tennis balls and playing what we call ‘crazy dog’ chase. She’s such fun! And loving. Great to cuddle with.
    Shelties rule!

  3. Casey was our family’s dog growing up. When it would snow, he absolutely loved to go outside and just lie in the snow.

  4. Wow… what a great picture and surprised he did not shake it all off!!

  5. what a beauty!
    that’s alot of snow

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