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Those Sheltie New Year’s resolutions…

For those of you who want to get out & exercise without leaving your faithful Sheltie behind, here is a great idea from Sheltie Nation members Philip & Leanne.

2 1/2 year old Scotia loves her dogie “trailer”.  There is a roll-down top on this trailer, but we’ve given up using it – even in the windiest, rainiest weather , Scotia shovels it aside with her nose. She prefers the wind in her fur and being able to see and smell where she’s going.That is one Sheltie who REALLY has a tough life!  :)

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  1. I wanted one of these for when Coda (who has Lymes) gets tired of walking – but we still want to go – my husband thinks it’s just wrong and doesn’t think we should buy one :( I sent this to him – we’ll see if he changes his mind ;)

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