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Puppy Dreams…

Little Luna has it all…cute little pink puppy belly & those pink puppy pads!Too cute, Jorge!

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  1. Soooo cute! I’ll have to wake up early on Saturday and take Ripley to the park in the morning so he can play with Luna. There was a new sheltie there last Saturday afternoon…I forgot her name though.

  2. Yes, get Luna a playmate. Otherwise, it’s hard to keep a sheltie entertained. They like having something to do, especially when they are young, and shelties get along well with other shelties.

  3. I just want to reach in there and scratch that round little Sheltie puppy belly!

  4. She looks so quiet lying there! Hee hee!

  5. Funny story. When I picked Luna up at the breeder’s house, she had been sleeping on newspaper with her brother and sisters (1 brother, 4 sisters I believe). For whatever reason, maybe because she’s known all along that she’s a Sheltie Diva, the second I brought her home, she ran straight to that pillow and fell asleep as if she knew it was hers.

  6. It was days like that that really has my fiancee and I wanting a second sheltie. Luna really does need a playmate anyways (always a good excuse!)

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