Little Autumn is learning a life’s lesson here.  Human feet are smelly.Autumn_2Silly kid you have there, Lisa!  :)

3 Responses to “Crazy puppies…pee ewe!”

  1. Leslie Lippa

    I love this picture – it is so stinkin cute! My sheltie, Bella, does the same thing every night! She really loves her daddy’s shoes, but if he’s out of town, she’ll take mine. LOL

  2. greggb57

    Funny, our guys seem to LIKE doing that. And I thought dogs were supposed to have super-sensitive noses! LOL

  3. Julie

    This photo reminds me of my dear Sheltie Angel, Brandy. My family picked her from the litter of puppies they were looking at because she went up to my 10-year-old brother and stuck her nose right in his shoe. It was instant love!


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