Singing_sheltie_2Just before Christmas, Sheltie Nation member Jean, of Mission, B.C. Canada adopted a 12 year old deaf Sheltie, Belle, from a rescue organization.

She captured this picture quite by chance, with a simple point-and-shoot camera.  The combination of a beautiful sunrise, early morning frost on the straw, and Belle’s coloring combined to create the halo-effect around her.  Calling it “The Singing Sheltie” as she is quite convinced she was trying out for the opera – Poochini, perhaps????

5 Responses to “Poochini, perhaps????”

  1. Chris

    Once in a while, you get that magic photo. This one is definitely a show stopper. What a treasure!!

  2. Sherry Lowe

    Your picture is so very touching. What a sweet looking Sheltie and to think she was adopted by such good people.

  3. Nancy

    What a MARVELOUS photograph! And kudos to you for adopting not only a very senior dog, but a handicapped one at that. I have a deaf/blind (from birth) double merle Sheltie and would do it again in a heartbeat!


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