15 Responses to “What’s new at Sheltie Nation Headquarters?”

  1. Kristy

    Welcome Tyler! What an adorable little guy, sure to bring years and years of love! Congrats!

  2. Peggy

    Absolutely beautiful! But I do recognize that look and you are in the kitchen……..hmmmmmmm could they be begging!!

  3. toonygurl

    Ahhh such pure beautiful innocence!
    Congrats! Now the doorbell dosent have a chance!
    Proud guardian of 2 shelties!

  4. Lindsey

    WHERE are you finding all of these adorably marked and incredibly handsome boys?!!

  5. Laura

    I love the difference!
    Three sweet faces looking up. Thank you SN for having the best pics!
    Laura Calci
    A Sheltie mom

  6. Lisa S.

    Let’s see…I noticed some tape on one of the odgs ears…no…not the difference? So cute!!!

  7. Susan

    3 times the love! Lucky you! Your little guy is sssoooooooo sweet! I just LOVE that face!

  8. Andi

    That little face!!! Those ears!!! He kills me!! ;-) Makes me want to get another sheltie, too.


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