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See if you can figure out what is different between these two photos.

Toby and Trevor


Give a big welcome to little Tyler! :)

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  1. Welcome Tyler! What an adorable little guy, sure to bring years and years of love! Congrats!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! But I do recognize that look and you are in the kitchen……..hmmmmmmm could they be begging!!

  3. Ahhh such pure beautiful innocence!
    Congrats! Now the doorbell dosent have a chance!
    Proud guardian of 2 shelties!

  4. WHERE are you finding all of these adorably marked and incredibly handsome boys?!!

  5. Very cute. We need a close up of the new puppy.

  6. This is the most adorable thing ever. The humor is perfect!

  7. Ooohhhh!! All these Sheltie puppy pics! I waaaant one!

  8. I want another puppy now! He is way too cute!

  9. Welcome Tyler. The more shelties the better !

  10. What a little cutie! Big Sheltie pats to Tyler! You gotta have more than one!

  11. I love the difference!
    Three sweet faces looking up. Thank you SN for having the best pics!
    Laura Calci
    A Sheltie mom

  12. Let’s see…I noticed some tape on one of the odgs ears…no…not the difference? So cute!!!

  13. What a Sweetie — and so beautiful!! He looks like Mini-Me!

  14. 3 times the love! Lucky you! Your little guy is sssoooooooo sweet! I just LOVE that face!

  15. That little face!!! Those ears!!! He kills me!! ;-) Makes me want to get another sheltie, too.

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