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Best thing to see when you first wake up…

Left to right: Cinnamon, Willie and Ellie.
(Cinnamon was rescued from a puppy Mill in Lancaster, PA back in September & Willie & Ellie are showing her the ropes on how to be bed hogs.  :)Renatta, Sheltie hugs to you for adopting Cinnamon!

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  1. This photo is adorable. My sheltie hogs the bed too, and I always tell myself I’m not going to let her sleep on the bed anymore. But every night, I cave. I think the company is worth giving up 3/4 of the bed.

  2. I would like to say I am happy to see others rescue dogs from mills. My Candace was raised for 8 weeks in what I would call a mill and I had years of work to do with her. She is also an undersized sheltie and glad to see they are wanted and loved as much as breeder bred shelties!!! :-) Makes me happy….

  3. Are you taking those cute shelties to work tomorrow for the 8th annual Take Your Dog to Work Day? :)

  4. Another sheltie trait, being bed hogs!

  5. Another sheltie trait, being bed hogs!

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