“Here is Autumn at one of her Lure Coursing practices.  She loves to chase that Lure!  The only problem is that the Herding breeds are so smart that they try and get in front of the Lure to try and head it off.  Unfortunately that’s considered cheating in competition.  Oh well, she still tries her best.”

Autumn in her racing blanket.

AutumnaRUN AUTUMN RUN…PASS THAT AUSSIE!!!AutumnbFASTER!!!AutumncPay off! I got that Lure!AutumndLooks like fun, Lisa!

2 Responses to “Shelties & lure coursing…try it, but no cheating!”

  1. dani (donnas daughter)

    how cute!!! i’ve seen salukis lure coursind but never a sheltie it must be fun!!!


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