“I just wanted to show everyone our boy, Jack, whose formal name is Dancing Through Life. It’s hard to believe the amount of joy that he has brought into our home.  It’s true, Shelties are good for your health!”Great name for Jack & a fabulous photo, Ann Marie!  Thank you!

3 Responses to “Shelties are good for you!”

  1. donna davis

    I have a sheltie named Jack also and we believed he is our gift from God. Words cannot describe the love we have for him and the love he shows us. All dogs are wonderful but Shelties are special. It’s really like they’re people. the way Jack looks and listens with his intuitiveness is more that I get from some people. No one knows except a sheltie owner… like they say- dog is God backward. Keep enjoying your Jack love the picture. Donna

  2. Jacynthe

    He looks like he would be a great listener…looks very wise! He must be a joy to talk to!

  3. Linda

    I agree, Shelties are good for you. Hug one everyday. It’s good medicine.


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