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Full tilt Sheltie!

Go Mackenzie! (In our house we call this a serious case of the “Sheltie bees!”)Thanks to Mehgan!

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  1. We call it puppy spaz. The ridgeback spazzes are the best ones, Arden thinks. It means she’s the one doing the chasing and barking.

  2. Funny that we all have different names for it. It’s “psycho puppy” in our house. And when Keegan’s head looks like that, ears all slicked back, he’s “the missile.”

  3. In our house it is called ahyper fit!!! she is very cute.

  4. In my house it is called a hyper fit!!! Mackenzie is so cute.

  5. In my house, it’s called “Scooties” LOL
    But they sure have fun doing it, don’t they?

  6. In our house it is called a “zoomie” and an outside “zoomie” is the best.

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