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This is far as I go…

I’ve been told that Wallace does like his puppy pool.  His wet chin gives him away…he is a bubble blower!

Too funny, Gena!

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  1. Hah! Bought Dickie a pool….$20.00 worth of pool… he looked….he backed off…he went to the far side of the deck to discern just what the heck it was.
    Four weeks later he still doesn’t like it…cases it out…hides behind patio furniture just to make sure it doesn’t “attack” him. Our chances of getting into it..”NIL”…but he will stick his feet in the bucket we are using to wash the car…..OH YEAH!!!!…GO FIGURE!!!!!!

  2. Poor baby! Try throwing some biscuits in the pool. That’s whay my sheltie loves to play with in there.

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