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Truly a Princess Now

Angel is a hearing impaired Sheltie rescued by Charles & Donna.

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  1. Oh, Angel is too sweet for words. Her bed is just too cute…and although our Dickie is a “BOY” Sheltie…I know he would love a bed like Angel’s. Just huge kudo’s to Charles and Donna…what a sweet gift you have there…a precious little mop-eared piece of love. Specially chosen…both ways …a Sheltie knows his/hers right place. While you choose..they choose..BE HONORED!!!!!

  2. She is precious! Beautiful!

  3. What an adorable girl! Wherever did you find the bed? I know a little rescue princess who would love one!

  4. A princess AND an angel. What a lovely girl. And kudos to you for adopting her!

  5. A princess, indeed! What a pretty girl she is!

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