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Adorable pair….

Here is a photo of Sophie, our six month old female Sheltie and Mac, a male Siamese/calico mix kitten.  Mac is partially blind and can only see changes in light and slower movement.  Sophie has taken it upon herself to be Mac’s protector and they’re quite an adorable pair.
Sophie2Awwwwe, Jennifer!

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  1. Yes. Mac has extra toes on all of his feet! =)

  2. Yay to Jennifer for taking in a blind kitteh! He’s soooo cute! And who better than a Sheltie to be his companion?
    And yeah, Maritza, I think you’re right about the toes!

  3. Sooo sweet! Animals are so amazing! They show such compassion and caring.

  4. Does that cat have 6 toes??

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