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Happy: Noun & a verb!

Back in 1979 I found a beautiful year old sheltie at the Manchester, NH dog pound.  She came home with me and became a beloved member of our family.  I have missed her greatly ever since her death in 1991.  Last week my husband and I brought home a little eight week old tri-colored pup and have fallen deeply in love with Happy (so named because she does make us so very happy).

What a cutie!  Welcome Susan and Gerry!

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  1. What a precious baby! Once a sheltie has touched your heart, you can never be without one.
    hugs…Pamela and my sheltie gang in Oz.

  2. Oooh, be careful. I named mine Happy and he not only lives up to his name, but almost makes it seem like a bad thing…almost.

  3. This puppy looks almost exactly like my little tri-colored sheltie did when she was a puppy. She is six years old now and still very beautiful and energetic.

  4. Oh boy, I’m so jealous. What a beautiful pup.

  5. That puppy face just truly brightened my day.

  6. That puppy face just truly brightened my day.

  7. What a beautiful little baby! That’s a lucky little puppy, along with lucky and loving sheltie parents! Congratulations!

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