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Sophie and Orson pose for a picture that was taken on Orson’s first night home.  Both Sophie and Orson are rescue shelties – Sophie was a puppy mill rescue and Orson was abandoned in a foreclosure home.
SophieorsonHugs to you Marie for adopting them!

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  1. They look so regal! Thanks for giving them a great home! :)

  2. Very pretty dogs Marie. Orson is adorable! You should be very proud. Wish more people out there would take in rescues, but looking at these two, I can’t see who wouldn’t want to.

  3. It is amazing what people do to animals. My next door neighbors just “gave away” their nine year old pomeranian because they wanted to get a different kind of dog. The pomeranian was a darling little animal who is probably very confused about what happened to him.
    People who abandon their dogs and leave them to fend for themselves are heartless. People who just want to exchange their dogs for one that is younger and different are just as bad.

  4. The forclosure abandonments are sickening. It should be an arrestable crime. Here in Delaware, we had a case with a pit bull puppy who was found weeks after being left in a vacant house. She had to be euthanized. That deserves jail time, in my opinion.

  5. What adorable little dogs! The black & white one has the most adorable face I’ve ever seen, and the smaller dog has very pretty eyes!

  6. Aw, geez! Those puppy mills are bad enough, but how can anyone abandon an animal in a foreclosed home? :( I’m glad these two were adopted–kudos to you! :)

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