BrieOur kennel name is Cornerstone Shelties and Cairn Terriers.  Recently we suffered a tragic loss when our lovely Cairn Katie (Cornerstone Enchanted Cadence) passed away.  She had delivered 4 healthy champion sired pups on Oct 14. It was the culmination of a healthy pregnancy, nursing and caring for her pups for 5 weeks, until Nov 19 when in a 24 hour time frame, she became extremely ill.
After ultrasounding her chest and abdomen, we were informed that Katie had a very aggressive lymphoma and euthanasia was our only realistic option.
Our precious Sheltie Breianne, who had a litter of 7 pups whelped on Oct 13,  became a surrogate mother for the Cairn pups.  Even though all the pups had been eating softened puppy chow for 2 weeks, the Cairn pups had cried since the quick departure of their mother and were comforted after a brief visit with Breianne. 
Her kind sweet spirit are evident in the expression on her face.

What a sweet ending to a sad story Jan.  Watch out though – those pups may end up thinking they are Shelties!  :)

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  1. Ann Marie

    Condolences on losing Katie. Animals are amazingly adaptable and I am not surprised that your Sheltie took over!


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