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Shelties know how to work the crowd

Tuffy probably did well getting handouts at family picnics with this little trick.
TuffyWhat a sweetie, Christina.

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  1. yes that’s our dog tuffers, we love him and miss him very much. rip.
    he would do this for ANYTHING crunchy hehe!!

  2. He has a face you can’t help but fall in love with him. Very sweet picture.

  3. Omg!! That is WAY to adorable!!! I just love this photo!!

  4. My goodness, what a wonderful picture, should be entered in some competion – I would definetly vote

  5. Oh my word, look at the smile on that goofy sweetie! That is just the cutest sheltie pose ever!

  6. That is precious. I know I couldn’t resist. I’d give a treat if the owner didn’t object.

  7. Look at that happy face! What a sweetie! :)

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