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Wish they all could be California Shelties…

Callie & Emmie at sunset in La Jolla, CA.CallieemmieLovely Cindy!

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  1. Terri, thank you for the compliment on the photo! Cherie said she was sending you the link. You should email me a photo of Baron to and i will share other cute photos of Emmie with you if I have your email address :o)
    P.S. if you look under “Kodak shelties” you’ll find more of Cal & Em, also under “Sleeping shelties.” Emmie’s brother “Buddy” is under “The Look”

  2. My husband says this is one of the BEST pics he’s seen yet! By the way, it seems your “Emmie” is realted to our “Baron” via his mommy “Glory.” I’m told Glory and Emmie share the same mommy. Kinda fun to know ;-)..

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