6 Responses to “No really, I am not a stuffed animal.”

  1. Terri

    Woodie sure is a beautiful little guy! Our first sheltie was named Woody..with a “y” instead of a “i.” She began the addiction for us ;-)…we’re now on number 9!

  2. Anne Good

    My husband had a Sheltie years ago and who would have an interesting time herding me and everyone else in the household. Great dogs!

  3. Daria

    Hmmm – the photo is too clear – no movement evident – too well-behaved to be a puppy…
    I also vote that adorable Woodie MUST be a TOY! :)

  4. Lee

    I’m pretty sure littlw Woodie is a toy. Look at those heart shaped markings everywhere on him. He’s just too cute!


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