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That’s not what humans mean by “housebroken”

Kelly says:  “Why can’t I go potty here too?
Kelly1LOL Dianne!

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  1. My first sheltie used to grab the toilet paper and run with it. Then he would come back and shred it. I had to keep the toilet paper on the counter until he got over his desire to do that.

  2. Oop, I see the toilet paper roll has been given an experimental pull.

  3. Sometimes, I wish they would go potty in there, especially the cat. That would definitely save time and money, lol! :D

  4. Of course, you can if you want to learn, Kelly!
    And a Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you!
    BTW, have you seen Red and Rover today? There’s a Sheltie in it!

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