Our electricity was off for four days due to the ice storm. He’s the only dog I’ve ever seen that likes to get under the covers. He’ll sleep for hours under his blanket.
SleepingbusterSnuggle time for you too Andy!

4 Responses to “Best way to stay warm during an ice storm.”

  1. sue

    cuter than cute; my shelties hate to be covered by blankets, I wish they would do this; my doxie loves to burrow

  2. Bob

    on cold nights, a three dog night, my younger sheltie loves to sleep at my feet — UNDER THE BLANKETS! The crazy dauchshunds sleep under the blankets all the time. Mom thinks that I’m nuts, letting DOGS sleep in my wife and my bed. We are dog people anyways. I always figured that the dauchshunds lack that wonderful fur coat, so they try to stay warm too. Poor dauchshunds. Someday, I will learn how to spell dauchshund – maybe.

  3. Robby

    Oy, the cuteness factor of these last 2 photos is KILLING ME! I wanna run home and make my Sheltie take a nap with me!


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