Gold1I thought this might be a good idea to pass along to people involved with Sheltie Rescues to help raise funds.  These are parties where people sell their gold to buyers and then the buyers give a percentage over the gold sales to a charity.  (Gold Swap was the buyer who handled my party.)  Example:  If you sell $500.00 in gold to the buyer then the buyer gives you the $500 for your gold and $50 to the charity.  It is the only party where your guests leave with more money than they arrived with and who couldn’t use more money! 

We had a great time and raised $350.00 that night for NJ Sheltie Rescue.  There is still some people who couldn’t make the party and will get their gold to me later, so that means more $ for rescue.  It is an easy and fun way to help out the local Sheltie Rescues.Gold2

We all know how tight money is right now and charities especially are really felling the pinch.  This will definitely help take care of some of these poor dogs in need.  Again I can’t thank everyone enough for having a caring heart and taking the time to support this cause!
Gold5Way to go guys!

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