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The smile says it all.

Tango leads the charge while Rudy brings up the rear.  Do they look just a tad bit happy?  :)
TangosnowThanks for making us all smile, Ellen!

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  1. Talk about capturing a moment in time! No other medium than photography could give an image that just makes you smile. Wonderful photo. Gotta love those sheltie smiles and exuberance!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful comments. They do have a great time together and oh how they love to run!!
    Rudy and Tango’s Mom :)

  3. I love those smiles and their happiness. :)

  4. Thanks for sharing this picture !! They are having so much fun. Awesome photo!

  5. Oh, this picture brings back such wonderful memories! My first two shelties, Angel & Amber, looked exactly like these two. We used to ask them both, “Do you wanna go running?” And they would go crazy!! I just love how they really do smile!! What a wonderful picture!!

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